Where can we paint?

Anywhere! Your face, your arms, neck... even your back — you'd be surprised with the kinds of requests we get!

How many kids can we paint in an hour?

It all depends on you!

We recommend:

< 10 pax — 1 hr

< 20 pax — 2 hrs

> 20 pax — 3 to 4 hrs

Are the paints safe?

Definitely! We use high-quality TAG body paint. These paints are water soluble and non-toxic. We are also one of the few event companies that uses SHINY (aka more expensive) paints to help brighten up the paintings!

How do we remove the paint?

As our paints are water-soluble, so all you need is water and a little bit of soap! Alternatively, you can also use makeup remover

What do I need to supply?

All we need is a little space to set up, preferably 1 table and 2 chairs (per artist)! If you have space constraints, a little corner of a table is just fine too.

How do I make payment?

We will require 100% payment to confirm the booking. We accept payments via bank transfer (i.e. PayNow/PayLah)

Payment is non-refundable. If there are any changes to your party due to COVID-19, you may postpone your event date with no additional charges.