Where can we paint?
- Anywhere! Your face, your arms, neck... even your back — you'd be surprised with the kinds of requests we get!

How many kids can we paint in an hour?
- Each painting can take up to 5-10+ mins (depending on the design!). On average we paint 8-10 every hour! If possible, we would recommend booking for longer as usually most kids will want to get more than 1 & sometimes adults also want to join in too! 

Are your paints safe?
- Yes of course! 
We use high-quality non-toxic & hypoallergenic paints specially from Australia! We are also one of the companies that also uses ~shiny~ (aka more expensive) paints to brighten up the paintings!

How do we remove the paint?
- Our paints are water-soluble, so all you need is water and a bit of soap! Alternatively, you can also use makeup remover.

What do I need to supply?
- All we require is a little space to set up, preferable 1 table and 2 chairs (per artist!)

How do I make payment?
 We will require 100% payment to confirm the booking. We accept payment via PayNow/PayLah.

Terms & Conditions
(for private parties)


- 100% Payment (via PayNow/Lah) & screenshot of payment is required to confirm the booking.


*Due to the current high demand, we regret that we are unable to "reserve" slots as this would be unfair to clients who may have enquired later but are ready to make payment. If the slot has been taken up by another parent by the time you have made payment, we will fully refund your payment if we are unable to work with your party schedule.


Changes or Cancellation

- With the current COVID-19 situation, we are flexible with changes.

  • There are NO additional charges for any change in event date/timing. All changes are subjected to availability & will need to be made at least 2 days prior to the booked event date.

- For any changes in event date/timing made less than 2 days prior to the event or cancellation of event, 50% of payment will be forfeited.