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Where can we paint?
Anywhere! Your face, your arms, neck... even your back — you'd be surprised with the kinds of requests we get!

How many kids can we paint in an hour?
Each painting can take up to 5-10+ mins (depending on the design!). On average we paint 6-9 every hour! If possible, we would recommend booking for longer as usually most kids will want to get more than 1 & sometimes adults also want to join in too! 

Are your paints safe?
Of course! We use high-quality non-toxic & hypoallergenic paints specially from Australia! We are also one of the companies that also uses ~shiny~ (aka more expensive) paints to brighten up the paintings!

How do we remove the paint?
Our paints are water-soluble, so all you need is water and a bit of soap! Alternatively, you can also use makeup remover.

What do I need to supply?
All we require is a little space to set up, preferable 1 table and 2 chairs (per artist!)

How do I make payment?
We will require 100% payment to confirm the booking. We accept payment via PayNow.

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