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Halloween 2018

The past few days have been such a whirlwind. This has been our most intense weekend this year! Despite all that, we are really happy to have made so many smile!


We had 2 events running concurrently, at Kidzania and Adrift by David Myers.

Event 1: Kidzania's SPOOKY TOWN

We've been engaged by Kidzania Singapore to transform their scare actors into their SPOOKY characters for a total of 10 days.

Artist Jasmine relentlessly made sure every SPOOKY character was transformed into perfection!

There are 5 days left for the event (2-6 November), so grab your kids and come down for a spooky good time!

Event 2: Halloween at Adrift

We were down at Adrift painting their Staff and Guests till 1am! It was crazy how despite the late hours, the guests never stopped coming to get their faces painted!

Artist Gisele and Danial painting the guests!

Our Top Picks!

Adrift were so in love with the paintings that they invited us back again to paint the next day!

SATURDAYThis would be our BUSIEST day of the year. Our first event would start at 12pm and our last event would end at 2am!

Event 1: A Haunted House at Pong Singapore

Artist Gisele had a blast painting all the lovely kids and adults who were dressed in their best costumes!

Event 2: Charity Football Tournament by Morgan Stanley

Despite the hot weather, Artist Joel braved the heat and painted all the little kiddos who came to his booth!

Event 3: Birthday Party at BTSC

This was a special one as it was a non-Halloween Party!

Artist Rachel and Danial had a blast Face Painting and putting on Glitter Tattoos for the Birthday Girl and her Guests!

Event 4: Halloween Horrors 2018 by Tampines Zone 2 RC

Artist Gisele, Joel and Danial had a blast transforming over 200 Kiddos and Adults into SCARY zombies, skeletons and vampires!

Event 5: Adrift by David Myers

And we're back again! We were so glad to see some guests returning just to get their faces painted, perfecting their Halloween Costumes.

Our Top Picks!

SUNDAYLuckily for us, we only had 1 Event today and it started at 4pm!

Event 1: Kidzania's Spooky Town

And we're back here again! The cast are simply AMAZING to work with, and even though we've only spent a couple of days together, they have a special little place in our hearts.

The Past 3 Days have been nothing but a BLAST! Thank you to all our Clients for having us. Now it's time for some sleep before 31st October comes and we'll be back at it again!

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